The POW-er Of CLEAN!

Specializing in Residential House Cleanings, Commercial Office and Building Cleanings, AirBnb cleanings & Government Contracts

Clean~R~Us LLC

At Clean~R~Us we always devote ourselves to giving each of our clients good old fashioned cleanings, just the way you DESERVE!  We are licensed, bonded and insured. We specialize in residential and commercial services throughout out the Washington, DC area. Plus certified to accept government contracts.


Clean~R~Us, LLC is here to assist you in focusing on your everyday responsibilities, so that you can have more time to spend on either your family, your clients, your office duties or just on yourself.  Allow us to focus on taking care of all of your special needs within your AirBNB, commercial, residential, and government properties.

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The POW-er Of Clean!
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The Clean~R~Us Way

We’re here to provide you with quality service. Just think of us as your “cleaning doctors” where you are able to enjoy and RELAX knowing that you are in great hands when it comes to the cleaning of your properties.


We also definitely understand that your pets are a part of the family, so we use products safe for your family and pets!!

**Call and set a date with the "Cleaning Doctors" team that has The POW-er Of Clean!**